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Our mission is to provide all our outstanding women the opportunity to work on their terms, in a flexible and supportive environment.

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“I contacted Sarah from Wyse Women for a much-needed catch up and after coming off the phone had landed 10 weeks' PR work for a wonderful new health and fitness start-up, Meet Me In The Middle! Sarah dances that fine line of knowing exactly what a client wants and also the 'worker/employee's' needs – and marrying them up perfectly. Thanks for a seamless introduction and a contract I thoroughly enjoyed!"

Niki Waldegrave – Editor & Journalist

“As a mum of 2 young children I have regularly considered and discarded the idea of getting back into the workforce. I struggled to see how I could achieve the ideal scenario for me and my family and felt too many compromises would have to be made. That was until I was made aware of Wyse Women, at last, a solution for experienced smart mums who need a healthy balance of work and home life. Interesting, challenging project-based work is the way forward and after some insightful conversations with the Wyse Women team I am now employed as a Project Director for a dynamic, innovative conference company and am loving the challenge, the flexibility and the fact I am back in the workforce. I'd highly recommend Wyse Women"

Emily Magee – Marketing Communications Consultant

“Leveraging its unique community, Wyse Women quickly and accurately sourced a great short list of candidates for our requirements. We then appointed the strongest candidate who has now joined our team. The experience was both professional and friendly and I recommend Wyse Women wholeheartedly."

Mark Abay – Content Director, Ashton Media

“Wyse Women understood our project from the outset and quickly matched our requirements against their network. Working with Sarah and the team enabled us to benefit from the experience of specialized talent within the industry. They proved great to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Paul Butler – Group Insights and Analytics Director, Val Morgan

"I have been able to secure a really exciting new career opportunity through Wyse Women which is incredibly challenging and satisfying yet offers me the flexibility I require to support my family and make a little time for myself."

Kim Russell – Senior Marketing Freelancer

"Employing on-demand skills has relieved a great deal of pressure from a team that is under the pump at the moment. Our Wyse Woman is a welcome addition to the team!"

Nicolle Stuart – HR Advisor Mamamia

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