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What is the Wyse Women initiative?

The Wyse Women initiative launched in 2016 as a community that brings together experienced, credible, like-minded women and businesses who recognize the need for a talented, flexible, on-demand workforce that can hit the ground running.

We offer members exclusive access to our highly qualified network, and in doing so hope to drive a new approach to securing resource, where project work becomes the new norm and we are successful in retaining the top female talent in our workforce.

Sarah Wyse - Founder of the wyse women initiative

Meet Sarah

The concept for Wyse Women launched during my maternity leave when it dawned on me that there was a complete lack of short term and flexible work opportunities for professional women. As a huge advocate of supporting and retaining female talent in our industry I wanted to find a solution that offered us a way to continue our participation in the workplace but also recognized our increasing need for balance and flexibility.

For me I didn’t feel ready to return to my full time job as the MD of a leading adtech business – I was loving my short time off with my son!

But Wyse Women is not a forum just for mums. I was meeting women in various circumstances who were all highly skilled, well respected and experienced but were finding that the traditional 9-5 model no longer fitted into their changing lives.

With the growth in popularity of contract work its the perfect time for us to challenge these norms and help evolve the gig economy away from low skilled jobs to a vehicle for driving increased participation of senior women in the workplace and a fantastically novel way for progressive companies to access this exclusive network of talent.

Our team

Gemma Labadini

I’m really excited to be part of this initiative which will bring a positive change in approach to flexible working in our industry.

I’m lucky to have had supportive and experienced female managers throughout my career in media and think it is so important that we find a way to retain this senior talent in the workplace so that more people can benefit from their skills and experience and, perhaps more importantly, to inspire more young female talent into senior leadership positions.

Jen Davis

With a passion for people and nurturing talent, Jen has carved out and established a successful career in executive search and recruitment within the media and advertising industry.

Wyse women is an initiative that excited Jen because throughout her career she has witnessed female talent exit our industry because flexible working opportunities weren’t available…..until now. She is excited by the opportunity to help highly skilled women have it all.

Our contributors

Contributor of the wyse women initiative

Emily Bosler

Emily Bosler has over 12 years’ experience working in both Australia and the Nordics. Her experience covers a broad range of categories from FMCG, Financial, telecommunications and travel through to retail and luxury. With a strong background in digital, she is passionate about media and its ever-changing landscape, as well as the opportunities (and challenges) it brings for clients and marketers.

In an industry that is ever changing the importance of ensuring flexible working opportunities and adapting to new market conditions is increasingly important. Working with Wyse Women is a fantastic initiative to ensure we are influencing and future proofing the market to continue to attract and motivate great talent.

Contributor of the wyse women initiative

Minsun Collier
Run Theory

Minsun’s digital media career includes managing Neo@Ogilvy Australia and OMD’s digital department in Sydney, as well as teaching the students of UTS digital media planning as a guest lecturer.

Wyse Women excites her because it brings together highly skilled women with companies in ways that are beneficial to both parties. It allows people like herself to contribute to the industry without compromising her ambition to follow her life passion.

Contributor of the wyse women initiative

Karren Rogers

Karren Rogers has over 11 years’ experience in the media industry, currently as Head of Media Partnerships for Facebook Australia and New Zealand. She is responsible for the company’s partnerships strategy with publishers, broadcasters, sporting codes and public figures. Karren is a board member of the Motiv network which focuses on bringing together a network of media professionals who are motivated to create a culture that attracts the most driven media minds in Australia.

As an active supporter and Mum of one , Karren believes Wyse Women is an organization that truly supports women, recognizing flexibility in a career is what most women are looking for. Wyse Women really are paving the way forward for women in business!

Contributor of the wyse women initiative

Rebecca Dawson
The Walt Disney Company

Becky has been working within the television and film industry for over 9 years holding various positions within the Walt Disney Company. Experienced in Media Sales and Distribution, Digital Ad Sales and Business Operations, Global Distribution, Business Development & Strategy, Becky possesses a unique ability to see things from various perspectives.

Becky previously held a leadership position on the Women@Disney employee resource group where her and the team executed various events that provided insight on how women can grow their careers within the Walt Disney Company. Becky is an active member of Wyse Women with the hope to offer young professional women and men insight into how to navigate their career, achieve goals, whilst also living a life that is empowered and fulfilled.

Contributor of the wyse women initiative

Katie Rudge

As soon as I met Sarah and she spoke about the Wyse Women concept, I knew this was something different. Wyse Women is pioneering a new way of approaching our lives within and outside of work. It allows for flexibility and in turn choice. Choice to invest in personal development or interests, be it studying, parenting or travel. Choice to invest in the right balance for you allows each of us to be the happiest and most content versions of ourselves. This can only have positive repercussions socially and culturally and allows companies to access well rounded and highly skilled senior talent on an affordable project by project basis.

I have spent over 17 years working in cross platform content creation both in Australia and the UK. I am passionate about brands and storytelling and have been fortunate to work for some incredible publishers in radio, television and most recently digital for ellaslist.

The Wyse Women community

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Entrepreneurs who have started their own business

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